Yoga Instructor

Born and raised in Brazil, Viviane has always been passionate about classical dance. When making a professional choice, she decided to follow the Communication and Marketing studies, which required her to put the dance aside without forgetting it.

Viviane continued her career in Italy before settling in Switzerland when she discovered the practice of Hatha Yoga. At that time, with determination, she decided to do the Yoga Teacher Training to share the knowledge of this millenary tradition, science and philosophy of life. She followed her Yoga studies in Switzerland, concluding them in India, the cradle of Yoga.

In the logical continuation of this journey, she embarked on a training of Yoga Therapy, graduating with a thesis entitled „The Inner Silence – Antar Mouna – as a tool in Yoga Therapy“.

In order to initiate and also share this practice with children, she followed the training „Child Play Yoga“.
Recently, she followed the „Dharma Yoga Wheel“ teacher training.

Since the very beginning of her practice, she met Sri Venudas with whom she has been sharing the beauty and the struggle of achieving and growing in the spiritual path.

Actually, she teaches in Switzerland with dedication and passion, Hatha Yoga classes for adults, children, seniors, Pre and Post natal Yoga, Yoga Nidra and gives consultation in Yoga Therapy, passing on the benefits of Yoga in the daily life with joy in helping people physically, mentally and spiritually.